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12 Steps To A Happy and Fulfilled Life

Have you ever taken a step back from reality and asked yourself if you are actually happy? A few years ago that’s exactly what I did.. and it wasn’t pretty I would get home from work every night, exhausted, angry, miserable and it was completely my fault. I was so caught up in living a […]

The #1 Thing That Separates Failure & Success In Your Training

I like my messages to actually help people These days I see too many trainers just posting things for the sake of it, just like this one: Seriously, Is that really going to accomplish anything? I totally understand that people need to be motivated, however if there is truth and meaning behind the message being sent […]

MG’s 5 Life Principles – Part 3.1

There is one thing we all have in common that holds us all back in life Funnily enough this can be a positive thing, however for the most part it’s definitely not In fact, it can be debilitating Welcome to my third and most powerful life principle: FUCK  STRESS (pt 1) The title of this blog may not seem overly […]

MG’s 5 Life Principles – part 2

“People have the illusion that if they can bring themselves up, they can move you down. They frame their lives as this incredible situation, leaving other people depressed seeing this fake life someone else has projected” Tony Robbins I hope you appreciated my first life principle (If you missed it, it can be found HERE) My […]

MG’s 5 Life Principles – part 1

What happens in you life is 100% in your control Once you learn to stop letting other peoples bullsh*t rule your life, you will win If you are a driven person who focuses on their future and wants to make the most out of life, it is a must to be surrounded by people who […]


The following is my basic philosophy around living a healthy lifestyle At first I elaborated on each point, however I feel that keeping it short a sweet will help you create your own understanding and get your brain working This is all purely based around what has worked for my clients and myself over the […]

Blog #1 – 3 Tips For Your Monday

Although the saying “Life’s too short” is thrown around waaaaay too much, it’s very true Life IS too short I’m sick of seeing people walking through life miserable, with a negative attitude and wondering why bad things always happen to them “Work sucks” “I’ll never find love” “I’m fat” Sadly, the list goes on and on […]