12 Steps To A Happy and Fulfilled Life

Have you ever taken a step back from reality and asked yourself if you are actually happy?

A few years ago that’s exactly what I did.. and it wasn’t pretty

I would get home from work every night, exhausted, angry, miserable and it was completely my fault. I was so caught up in living a life I thought I had to live that I lost track of what life is about.


So quite clearly the answer was a big fat NO, I wasn’t happy

My first son was on the way and I couldn’t bring a life into a world that I didn’t believe in

This scared the hell out of me and my life had to change

Luckily it did. Not straight away, but as the years went on I matured and began to make positive changes to my life, which I have narrowed down to 12 steps

I’m sure you can all relate

 12 Steps To A Happy and Fulfilled Life

1. Surround yourself with likeminded people #positivepeoplebringyouup

2. Don’t let stress rule your life #stressistheeasywayout

3. There’s no time for judgment #fuckwhattheythink

4. Do more of what makes you happy #LIVE

5. Understand your why #purpose

6. Treat people as you wish to be treated #kindness = #positiveenergy

7. Be selfish when it comes to your body #eattrainsleep

8. Meditate #thebestescape

9. Take the leap of faith you know you need to take #fuckfear

10. Seek help #thereisnothinyoucantoutsource

11. Always be grateful #nomatterwhat

12. BE YOURSELF #beingfakegetsyounowhere

I have no doubt in my mind that happiness is the key to success and If you want to reach your full potential, choose happiness. Too many people opt for stress, negativity and blaming others. I’m telling you today that you’re allowed to be happy, that is if you want to be..

Do you?

I could speak for days on this topic, however I have intentionally not elaborated on any of these points

I’d like to give YOU the opportunity to ask questions, let me know what you can relate to and even if there’s anything you disagree with

These 12 steps have changed my life and regardless of who you are, where you come from and what you’ve been through, you will agree with at least a few of them



PS: For those who saw my recent post on Facebook, the image below is a perfect representation of my happy place. The sun, beach and exploring with my best mate is always a great escape for me 🙂

Where is your happy place?

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