MG’s 5 Life Principles – Part 3.1

There is one thing we all have in common that holds us all back in life

Funnily enough this can be a positive thing, however for the most part it’s definitely not

In fact, it can be debilitating

Welcome to my third and most powerful life principle:


The title of this blog may not seem overly “powerful” to you (despite that fact i’ve used a swear word in the title #rebel), however how often do you say “I’m so stressed today”?

How often do you hear other people say it?

Every day I see people who are stressed at work or in their relationships and sadly watch them slowly suffer

Some create it themselves and others let everyone else’s lives impact their own

Do you really understand the impact that stress has on your body and on your life?

This blog is slightly different to the first 2

I have actually split this section up into 2 separate parts (the other will be released later this week), both of which are examples of how stress has impacted peoples lives

One is a lighter scenario and the other is quite dark

This could be like one of those books you’d read when you were younger, where you have the option of going into the magical forest by turning to page 49 or into the cave by turning to page 76..


Trust me, take both options

First off, I’d like to introduce you to an awesome client and now good mate of mine, John Karathomas (JK)

He suffered from terrible back pain

It came to a point where he couldn’t make it through a training session

I guess you could say, his back was holding him back (see what I did there)

It infuriates me to watch someone struggle to improve when they are so motivated and dedicated to improving their fitness

I know what you’re thinking.. If he’s performing exercises like this one ^  of course he’s going to have a bad back


You’ll soon find out that his problem was emotional, not physical

No to mention, for anyone who knows me knows that i’m all for testing your body in weird and crazy ways

JK saw high end physio’s, tried working around the pain, even tried ignored the pain for a while, however no matter what he did his back wouldn’t improve

It came to a point where there wasn’t much he could actually get through in our training sessions

I was very concerned that the MG Fitness community wouldn’t be seeing JK for too much longer..

He quit his job and started fulfilling his dream of running his own business and his fiancé moved to the country from Malaysia


In other words – he had turned his life around

Wait, wait, wait, starting your own business will create mass amounts of stress though right?

Yes – definitely (you can trust me on that)

However, he was now doing what he was truly passionate about, something that he had aspired to do for so long and something that was all his own, and could do things his own way

This is not what I refer to as actual stress

Sure there is stress involved, however this is a bit of positive anxiety. The kind that drives you and replicates a bit of fear and nervousness, which is controllable and can actually drive you when dealing with it appropriately

Once JK had turned his life around, guess what happened to his back pain?

Gone. That’s right, completely gone

No rehab

No surgey

No other therapies

In fact, he was training more frequently, at a higher intensity, using heavier weights, and becoming one of the fitter members in our community

Magic right?

Wrong (at least I don’t think it was magic… JK?).

JK’s back obviously turned on when he was stressed

As annoying as it was, his body’s way of telling him that he was stressed, was through back pain

Think back to the last time you were stressed (like, genuinely stressed)

How was your health?

Your eye sensitivity?

Your mind?

Your body?

Were you anxious?




Quite obviously these are all terrible things and incredibly exhausting

Do you want the harsh reality?

It’s totally your fault.

You’re the one who let’s it in and you’re the one who can get rid of it

What is the moral of JK’s story?

I think the title of this blog says it all – “FUCK STRESS”

Stress has a bigger impact on your life than you think and can be experienced through many different ways

I know we can’t all just meet the perfect partner and find our dream job over night, however there are ways to deal with stress

Here ‘s a few that will point you in the right direction:

1: Trust your intuition. This all starts with listening to your body

2: Work out what you want out of life and set goals based around this

3: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Everyone needs help. If you’re studying and you need help with an up and coming project, what do you do? You get a tutor. This should be no different for your health. In fact, if your stress is work or knowledge related, it may be a tutor that you need

4: Take your mind off the hard stuff and do more of what makes you happy. In other words – LIVE YOUR LIFE  

I hope JK’s story has helped you realise that stress has a bigger impact on your body than you think

On Friday I will be releasing the second part of this principle, which is one of the hardest things I’ve ever written

You’ll be hearing about my rock bottom



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