Blog #1 – 3 Tips For Your Monday

Although the saying “Life’s too short” is thrown around waaaaay too much, it’s very true

Life IS too short

I’m sick of seeing people walking through life miserable, with a negative attitude and wondering why bad things always happen to them

“Work sucks”

“I’ll never find love”

“I’m fat”

Sadly, the list goes on and on and on…

This mornings message is short and clear:

Your mental state rules you life. If you’re negative you’ll attract negative things. Therefore (wait for it..), if you’re positive you’ll attract positive things

It’s not rocket science and in my opinion it all comes down to starting your week off well

By implementing these 3 things into your monday I can guarantee you will start your week in a very positive way:

1) take some time to yourself, focus on your breathing, visualise how you want your week to pan out and write down 3 things that you’re grateful for

2) set 3 goals for the week based around health and fitness. If you’re health is on track, so is your mind

3) If you know me well you’ve definitely heard this one – ALWAYS TRAIN ON A MONDAY

Yes i’m sure you’ve all heard a similar rant before, however i’m sure you can all do with a reminder. By sending this email it’s got me thinking and has forced me to get these 3 things done. For anyone interested, here’s my 3 responses:

1) i’m grateful for the health of my beautiful son, the support I have from my family and for the hard working, dedicated community I work with

2) train 4x indoors and 2x outdoors, mobility everyday, meditate everyday

3) 3pm I’ll being training at Crossfit Active and also running with my boot campers tonight

Now that i’ve written it down, It will happen

Have a great week everyone!


Stop Talking Start Training

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