The following is my basic philosophy around living a healthy lifestyle

At first I elaborated on each point, however I feel that keeping it short a sweet will help you create your own understanding and get your brain working

This is all purely based around what has worked for my clients and myself over the years

Please remember that I’m not a nutritionist, sport physiologist, rocket scientist or preacher. I’m just a caring guy who loves seeing people change the lives. In saying that, one thing I do know is – it’s really not rocket science!


1. Always train on a Monday and bring your A-game into each session

2. Stick to 6 small daily meals, which include mainly meat and veg, and make sure you’re eating good quality natural products

3. Don’t believe everything you hear online!

4. Have a good support team behind you. This may include; personal trainer, counsellor, physio, nutritionist, business coach, supportive partner, family and friends etc. Anyone that helps you become the person you aspire to be. You do not have to do it all alone

5. Calorie counting is science. If you want specific results, this is the most efficient way of getting exactly where you want to be. I’d recommend using the app ‘My Fitness Pal’

6. EARN YOUR BAD MEALS. If you know you’re going out for an unhealthy meal, the day before and after make sure you’re eating less calories

7. Preparing your meals in advance is the quickest, most specific way to make sure you’re eating exactly what you should be

8. Set a specific goal. Not just “I want to lose 5kg’s eventually”, but create a date you’ll be achieving the goal by, the exact weight you want to lose and base this around the next 2 very important points..

9. Work out WHY you are doing this in the first place. This will create purpose in the hard work you’re putting in. I guarantee that If you work out your purpose behind your training, suddenly a) training will not be a drag anymore and b) the results will come flying in

10. Last but definitely not least, you need to work on your mindset. IT’S ALL ABOUT HOW BAD YOU WANT IT and with a poor mindset you’re not going to get anywhere

Please swing any questions you have my way. Very happy to chat further and help point you in the right direction

“Change your thoughts and you’ll change your life”


Stop Talking Start Training

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