The #1 Thing That Separates Failure & Success In Your Training

I like my messages to actually help people

These days I see too many trainers just posting things for the sake of it, just like this one:

Seriously, Is that really going to accomplish anything?

I totally understand that people need to be motivated, however if there is truth and meaning behind the message being sent out, not only will people listen, but the message may add value to their lives

That’s what trainers are meant to be doing right?

It’s up to them to motivate you, however it’s up to you to choose the right program/trainer that fits you

 You tell ’em Diddy

The content I send out will always relate to either my own life experiences or success I have seen through my clients

Today you’ll be hearing about one of my (many) light bulb moments that helped me work out what separates failure and success

I was coming off what could have been the best 2 weeks of training i’ve ever had

I hit several PR’s, was training 5 solid days a week and in every session I brought everything I had to the table (both physically and mentally)

I felt unstoppable and wanted to share my success with as many people as I could

The title of this message would read:


This is something I swear by and try to bring into every training session

The Rock has a quote that sums this up perfectly:

It doesn’t matter where you come in the pack; always give everything you’ve got

HOWEVER, before getting the chance to release this post, times changed drastically..

The following 2 weeks included 4 injuries (2 quite serious) and now I’ve been told to take time off training

Why did this happen to me?

I had stepped foot in the gym and felt terrible from the start

I was physically and mentally exhausted, my body was hurting and I had lost track of what my body actually needs to perform

I ignored all the signs and after seeing the workout on the white board, I literally said to the coach taking the session:

“This workout is mine”

Such and idiot..

Despite having to change 2 as my quad was killing me, the exercises involved in the workout were right up my alley and I was trying to trick my mind into thinking that my body was ready to take on this workout

Man was I wrong..

I jumped up on the pull-up bar, propelled my body forward in preparation to perform a bar muscle-up and heard a pop..

Now my shoulder cannot reach full extension and my quad is in such pain it hurts to walk

Both injuries were bothering me for a few weeks, yet I ignored them and now I have to pay the price

How could I preach that the best way to train was giving absolutely everything you’ve got in every training session when I can’t even train myself…

Another great example of this is NRL superstar, Josh Dugan (#mancrush)

Dugan is always criticised for being injured and even referred to as a “pussy”, which makes me laugh, as the reason he’s constantly injured is because he’s always giving 110%

He’s an elite athlete who is paid the big bucks for putting the work in, so what does he do – he puts the work in

Dugan is someone who gives 110%, however who knows what his recovery is like and if he listens to the warning sings..

Between The Rock, Josh Dugan and myself (we’re all similar athletes right?), I had worked out that my next message had to be about the #1 thing that separates failure and success in training

Which is *insert drum roll*……


By listening to and understanding what your body needs and is capable of, you will be on a clear path to success

I was on top of the world, my training was near perfect and nothing could get in my way

At least that was my attitude..

Failure had come off the back of success, which could have be avoided if I had paid attention to the early signs and had stopped trying to be a hero

In saying that, should you still give 110% in your training?


Just make sure you are clear on what you are aiming to achieve, you have the right knowledge and preparation, you recover properly and you always (ALWAYS) listen to your body

Trust me, it’s not worth taking one step forward and 3 steps backwards…

Hope you enjoyed the read 🙂



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