MG’s 5 Life Principles – part 1

What happens in you life is 100% in your control

Once you learn to stop letting other peoples bullsh*t rule your life, you will win

If you are a driven person who focuses on their future and wants to make the most out of life, it is a must to be surrounded by people who support your ambitions and want to see you succeed

My first life principle:



Does this sound quite basic to you?

Trust me, read on. There’s more to it that you think

This principle relates to everything that surrounds your life

The people

Your living arrangements

Your job

Oh and one more very important one… SOCIAL MEDIA

Yes I know how ironic it is that you’re most likely reading this on a social media platform, however business-wise it’s a game charger. Being addicted to how “impressive” other people’s lives are is a totally different ball game (here’s a bit of clarity for you – it’s mainly all lies anyway)

Sorry, I’m getting a little side tracked here…

The first thing that comes to mind when trying to create better surroundings, is finding a community that support the life you want to live

Yeh, yeh, yeh, many of you have heard me bang on about community before, however let me explain to you the benefits of surrounding yourself with like minded people

  • Your topics of discussion will be based around your interests and goals

  • You will actually enjoy your life and be excited for your future

  • You won’t be judged

  • You’ll be working wonders for your mindset

  • Being negatively influenced will become a thing of the past

  • Your life will have purpose

This list goes on….

Here’s a question for you:

Are you someone who gets down when they are up against a faster, stronger, more knowledgeable opponent?

This example I give to my clients will help you out:

“If you are playing sport against people who are bigger, better and higher up than you, you will learn, grow and become a much better athlete.

If you are constantly playing against people who you walk all over, you will not be challenged.

You strive when you are challenged and you become lazy when it’s easy”

This relates to business just as much as it does fitness

Do you ever wonder why certain people don’t commend you for your achievements?

Let me guess, these same people always have a more impressive story to tell than yours?

And you consider some of these people to be your “closest friends”

Am I right?

I’m not going to dive too deep into this now as it’s based heavily around another one of my 5 principles, however I will tell you this:


Please (I genuinely mean that) do not let these people affect you

Now, many of you will be reading this in relation to my recent Facebook post {check it out here}, where I point out that there is 1 major reason behind how I hit 3 PB’s in 2 weeks after only being back at training for a month

To hit your lifetime personal best (PB), means that you have managed to overcome a barrier and achieve something you have never been able to do before

In other words, it’s a very big deal and requires A LOT of work

Despite the programming being amazing, the reason behind my success is this principle

If you are hanging around people who bring you up and add value to your life, you will get the result you’re after

I made a decision to put myself in an environment where I would succeed, therefore I did

The people around me held me accountable and genuinely wanted me to better myself. Plus, I didn’t want to let them down

Once you realise that the people around you reflect your future, your life will change

To me, community is everything.

If you feel you’ll struggle a bit with this, here are my tips for you:

Take a step back and actually think about what you want to achieve in life and where you want to be in 5 years. Once you have done this, take action straight away and start making each aspect of your life relate to your end goal

You want to run a marathon?

Join a running group, don’t hang around your friends who influence you to drink/smoke/eat poorly etc, and don’t lose track of why you’re doing it in the first place


Everyone has such a strong ability to live their happiest life and it all begins with your surroundings

I hope this has been as beneficial to hear as it was to write. I know that if I get this message across to at least one person, I am pointing at least one person in a very positive direction

I’d love to hear your feedback 🙂



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